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Whiskey = Flowers For Men

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Whiskey = Flowers For Men

“If ever in doubt, just buy her flowers.”

When it comes to gift-giving,  guys have it easy.  No deep thought required.  No Pinterest inspiration board,  no “how can i make this memorable and meaningful?”.  Nope.

Need gift now  —>  buy flowers.  —>  lady is happy.  Let’s go get some dinner. 

It’s all well and good for the guys.  But,  aside from socks and boxers,  there’s not really a guaranteed home-run gift for girls to turn to.  Or is there?…. Are you ready for a major life-hack?

WHISKEY!  Hear me out...

Granted,  not all guys love whiskey. BUT,  the beautiful,  beautiful thing  -  is that they all WANT to love it.  

So,  whether he’s an avid Whiskey fan,  or simply a man’s man who hasn’t yet opened the door to his whiskey obsession,  there’s a couple of must-haves to set you up for a lifetime of easy gifting;


A Personalized Whiskey Decanter - This is your magical flower vase right here, ladies.  The key to unlocking all future easy gifts.  Buy him a beautiful whiskey decanter (or "man-vase") that he’s proud to show off to anyone who steps through the door.

Every holiday thereafter,  simply buy him another bottle of whiskey to try out.  He’ll take nothing but immense pride in refilling this and keeping it on the counter for all to see.  Yup,  Whiskey = Flowers for Men. (Buy Here)

Personalized whiskey decanter with a name engraved in rectangle


“Tasting Whiskey" by Lew Bryson  - This is a great book for all levels of whiskey drinker,  (but particularly those newer to the sport) on understanding the process to make and taste all types of whiskey.  With this,  there’ll be genuine excitement every time you buy a new bottle.  Watch him study that label for 20 minutes!  (Buy Here) 

A pair of whiskey glasses | tasting whiskey


And of course we couldn’t leave you without some recommendation for a good bottle of bourbon to get him started.  Here are three great ones,  at varying price points,  depending on your budget;

Bulleit Bourbon  -  A modern American classic,  and a great place to start for any aspiring Whiskey Drinker.  (View Here)

Hudson Bay Bourbon  -  A nice step up if you feel like a bit of a splurge.  This one is easy on the palette and comes in a really gifting-friendly bottle.  (View Here)

Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon  -  Cask Strength  -  You may want to hold out until a real special occasion for this one.  Or at least until he’s got some good tasting hours behind him.  This one is a true Kentucky masterpiece.  (View Here)

And you’re done!  All that’s left to do is to delete that Pinterest board.  Cheers,  to a lifetime of easy gifting :)  🍻


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