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12 Gifts For Dads Who Are Notoriously Hard to Buy For

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12 Gifts For Dads Who Are Notoriously Hard to Buy For

We’ve all faced the daunting task of finding a present for someone impossible to shop for, and one of those people is probably your dad. Certain times of the year, like Christmas, his birthday, and Father’s Day, are when this problem rears its ugly head, and the stress of not knowing what to get him is real.

If one of those times is approaching and the race to find the perfect present is on, check out this list of 12 gifts for hard to buy for men. We promise there’s something in here even the toughest of critics will love.



Sentimental Gifts for Hard to Buy for Men

Dads are emotional creatures at heart, and appealing to their sensitive nature is always a safe bet. They love to receive reminders of how much their family loves them, so we’ll start with some sentimental gifts for the hard to buy for dad.

1. Personalized Wallet

There’s no better way to remind Dad every day how much he’s impacted your life than with a personalized wallet. Not only will Dad carry his money in style in this beautiful split leather wallet, but he’ll also carry around a unique token of his family’s love.

leather wallet | Personalized wallet

That token is the engraved message he’ll see when he opens the wallet, where you can leave Dad a message straight from the heart. Your personalized note is guaranteed to move him, plus you can engrave his initials on the outside. Who knew buying for the difficult dad in your life could be so easy?

2. Personalized Photo Album

Dads love photo albums, but they’re not always the best at setting aside time to put them together. If Dad’s been intending to print out his favorite snaps for as long as you can remember, a personalized photo album makes a fantastic gift.

Personalized Photo Album | Stylish photo album

There are tons of online options to put together a collection of Dad’s favorite photos, and you can organize them any way you want, such as photos from over the years, vacation snaps, or special occasions. It’s a simple gift, but he’ll love it because it’s tailor-made to him. And the personalized ones are the most unforgettable gifts

Fun Gifts for Hard to Buy for Dads

Bring out his playful side with any one of these fun gifts for hard to buy for dads.

3. Personalized Cigar Box

Does your dad love cigars? If he does, we’ve got excellent news for you: cigar lovers are incredibly easy to shop for. Do Dad a favor and help him enjoy every cigar to the fullest with a custom engraved wooden cigar box to house all his favorites.

personalized cigar box | Wooden cigar box

Pulling a cigar out of this handsome box elevates the whole experience, and he can also store other small keepsakes there, too, if he likes. This present is sure to please cigar lovers and hard to shop for dads alike. 

4. Bluetooth Showerhead

Who doesn’t want to listen to their favorite music in the shower? And who hasn’t been frustrated by the risk of water ruining their stereo system?

Bluetooth shower head | Bluetooth | waterproof Bluetooth

Luckily, times have changed and so has technology, which is now so advanced that we can rock out to our favorite tunes while we get clean. Energize Dad’s mornings and get him a Bluetooth showerhead that’ll fill his showers with the music he loves. Dad will love this showerhead so much he may never leave the bathroom again.

5. Personalized Hip Flask

A big part of drinking is having accessories that elevate your cool factor while you drink, and a stylish hip flask is one way to achieve that hip look. You can get Dad the black stainless steel version, or if you know he’s not into black, there’s always the rustic glass alternative. Either way, they both look fantastic.

personalized hip flask | Hip flask

Besides being super slick and unique, you can laser engrave this present with his name or initials, plus you can etch a message on the back. The message doesn’t have to be long, just a little something to tell him he’s the best. Shopping for the difficult to buy for dad just got a whole lot easier with the personalized hip flask.

Useful Gifts for the Hard to Shop for Dad

When you don’t know what to get your dad, we always recommend going for something practical that he’ll get lots of use out of. You can’t go wrong with any of our useful gift ideas for the hard to buy for Dad.

6. Travel Iron

Does your dad travel a lot for work? If business trips are a regular thing for him, consider getting him a compact travel iron he can pack in his suitcase.

travel iron | stylish iron for travelers

There’s no bigger bummer than a subpar hotel iron that doesn’t get all the wrinkles out of your shirts when you need to get out the door for an important meeting. The travel iron will save Dad from looking disheveled, and he’ll be eternally grateful for your foresight in gifting him this life-saving item.   

7. Automated Tie Rack

The automatic tie rack is next up on the list of useful gifts for hard to buy for dads. Every dad has ties, probably lots of ties, and every dad needs a place to store them. Modernize his tie storage with an automated tie rack that will make getting dressed in the morning a little bit more fun.

Automated Tie Rack | Tie rack

8. Automatic Can Opener

While not a glamorous gift by any means, an automatic can opener will save Dad from the inconvenience of his old school hand-held can opener. It’s a purely practical present, but the electric can opener is a welcome addition to any kitchen. If your dad doesn’t have one, it’s time for an upgrade.

Automatic Can Opener | Can opener

Miscellaneous Gifts for Hard to Buy for Guys

Our last category includes items that don’t quite fit into any of the above groups but still make awesome gifts for the dad you’re just never quite sure how to shop for.

9. Digital Coin Counter

Everyone’s got loose change hanging around, but not everyone has a functional place to store loose dimes and pennies. Help Dad keep track of his extra coins by getting him a digital coin counter, which displays the amount of money in his piggy bank and eliminates the need for counting.

Digital Coin Counter | Coin counter

The digital coin counter is a lighthearted, yet useful (and relatively inexpensive) gift that Dad will be happy to receive. You may even encourage him to save a little, too.

10. Multi-Tool Pen

Never heard of a multi-tool pen? We hadn’t either, but now is the perfect time to try one out as a fun gift for a hard to buy for dad.

Multi-Tool Pen

There are two types: multi-tools that include a pen, and regular pens that come with handy functions, such as a bubble level, tweezers, hole punch, and saw, among other things. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to keep dad entertained.

11. Cooling Pillow

Helping Dad improve his sleep health is an excellent way to show him you love him, and you can do that with a cooling pillow he’ll enjoy sleeping on in summer—and throughout the rest of the year, since most guys tend to sleep hot.

cooling pillow | Pillow

What’s the difference between a regular pillow and a cooling pillow? The latter refers to any pillow that is temperature neutral and helps the sleeper stay relatively cool. They’re available in latex and gel-infused memory foam, and you can even find them with water chambers.

Dad may have already thought of cooling sheets, but he probably doesn’t have a cooling pillow to get him through the hotter months of the year. He’s sure to thank you for this one.

12. Milk Frother

Last on our list of gifts for hard to shop for dads is the perfect way to make dad’s cup of morning coffee even better: a milk frother that will give his cappuccino or latte that café worthy flourish.

Milk Frother | stylish Milk Frother

There are different kinds of milk frothers available, from handheld motorized whisks to hand-pump milk frothers, but our recommendation is to get dad an electric model. Electric milk frothers are easy to use, heat milk as well as foam it, and are reasonably priced.

Trust us when we say that Dad’s coffee will never be the same.

Forget the Stress of Gift Giving

Shopping for the difficult to buy for dad in your life doesn’t have to be mission impossible. Forget the stress of gift giving with one of our ideas, which will be a hit no matter what the occasion. And if he’s hard to buy for because he already has it all, check out our gift-giving guide for men who everything.

When it comes to gifts for hard to buy for men, Swanky Badger knows a thing or two about getting it right. We make heartfelt presents for every man, so whether he’s more of a classic wooden watch kind of guy or the pocket journal type of dad, you know where to go for his next favorite present.


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