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14 Gifts You Should Give to The Groom on His Wedding Day

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14 Gifts You Should Give to The Groom on His Wedding Day

The biggest day of his life is coming up, and you want to give him a gift that makes a lasting impact. The best wedding gift for the groom is something that will help him remember his big day fondly for the rest of his life.

Don’t pick a cliché present, let us help you find the perfect wedding gift for any groom.


Best Wedding Gifts for the Groom from Anyone

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect groom’s gift these two options are sure to show the love and make him light up.

Classic Wristwatch

Give him a leather band wristwatch with a personalized message. One way to always stand out is to get a gift that you can customize with your personal touch. You could wish the couple an eternity of happiness, include a special prayer or say thank you for your invitation to their special day.

custom watch | watch with a message

The watch itself makes a statement, but when you add that level of personalization, it steps it up a notch.

Personalized Leather Wallet

Let’s say the groom is challenging to shop for and he doesn’t like to have a lot of extra things laying around. Give him something incredibly practical that he will use every day like a leather wallet. This wallet includes  a personalized message on the inside and his initials on the outside.

Personalized leather wallet | leather wallet | brown wallet

Every time he reaches into his back pocket, he’ll be reminded not only of his incredible wedding but of your excellent taste in gifts.

Occasion-Based Wine Set

We love this groom gift idea for many reasons; one, it's unique; two, it's something that lives for a good length of time beyond the wedding day; and three, it gives his good self some built-in excuses to enjoy a drink over the coming months. 

groom gift idea | Occasion based wine set

Occasion wine sets generally consist of a basket of wine, with each bottle labelled for a particular occasion. One might say “your first night in your new home,” and another might say “first fight as a married couple.”

When the occasion comes around, you crack open the bottle and enjoy.

Best Gifts for The Groom from The Bride

Your wedding gift is probably the most critical gift choice of your life so far; you are setting the bar for every gift to come in your marriage, so you want to get it right. The best gift for your soon-to-be husband will be something that reminds him of the bond you share.

Personal Video Message

We love this idea, and DIY gifts like this are becoming more popular. You have most likely spent a lot of money on your wedding, so some of the best groom gift ideas don’t have to cost a dime. Go around and ask his friends, on camera, why they love him and what makes him so great.



Talk to his family about him when he was a kid and get them to share the embarrassingly cute memories they have. Then compile everything into one fantastic video. Have a wedding day viewing of this video, and there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

Leather Pocket Journal

If you prefer to get your groom something he can use every day, you could always get him a personalized leather pocket journal containing a special message from you on the inside.

personalized leather journal

Maybe every 25 or 50 pages in the journal you write him a love note about why you love him and how he has impacted your life. It’s a great way to buy him something useful and meaningful at the same time.

Gift Ideas from Groomsmen to Groom

You’ve been with this guy through thick and thin, and you helped plan out all the details of the wedding. Get the groom something that shows you’re thinking about him.

Portable Cooler

Groom presents don’t always have to be sappy and lovey-dovey. You can always just get him something that is practical. If he loves tailgating or camping, consider a big-ol' portable cooler so he can store his beer, food and whatever else he fancies.

Portable cooler | portable freeze

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even get it customized with his name or a sports team that he loves. With all the gifts he’ll be receiving for his wedding day, he’ll like the fact that you got him something he can use for years to come.

Hip Flask

If he’s less into drinking ice-cold beer and more the whiskey sipping type, you can give him acustomized hip flask.

personalized black hip flask | hip flask with engraved name on side

Personalize it with a special message on the back and his name or initials on the front to show him how much you genuinely care about his drinking. Every time he goes for a sip, he’ll think about his wedding and what a great time he had with his friends.

Choreograph a Dance

If you and the other groomsmen are short on cash and you don’t mind being in the spotlight, you could get together and choreograph a dance for the wedding night.



This wedding gift idea is the perfect way to show you went out of your way to come up with something special and unique. You could even take a shot at going viral by having someone record or live stream it.

Gifts from Family Members to the Groom

Family comes first right? The groom is likely getting a lot of wedding gifts, so give him a gift that stands out.

Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey Decanters are a staple of home bars all over the country, and if the groom enjoys a nice drink, he’ll love this personalized decanter. You can get his name engraved on the front, so his eyes light up when he takes it out of the box.

personalized wine decanters with initials engraved | custom whiskey decanter

You can also add a set of matching glasses, for an extra reason to have you over for a tipple right after the honeymoon. Give him something he’ll use forever, and he’ll always remember who bought it for him.

Customized Coaster Set

One thing that no one can ever have enough of is coasters. They get lost, wet from drinks, and broken so why not get the groom a coaster set that is personalized to meet his needs.

Coaster set

You could get his favorite sports teams logo engraved on the top so he can represent with pride. If he’s not into sports, you could find one for his favorite TV show or something else he likes.

Here are Some Other Great Gift Ideas for the Groom

If you’re still struggling to come up with a good gift here are some out of the box groom gift ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest men.

Couples Photo Frames

If the groom would prefer something that is special to him and his new wife, give him customized picture frames that are unique to specific trips they take together.

couple photo frame | Personalized photo frame

One could say “first vacation as husband and wife,” and another could say “first Christmas as husband and wife.” However you customize these, he’s sure to appreciate the thought you put into this (we’ll let you take the credit on this one).

Cigar Box

Does the groom claim to be a cigar connoisseur? Even if he doesn’t, you could get him a custom cigar box and fill it with all kinds of goodies he’ll enjoy. The box itself can get customized with his name or initials on the front, and you could fill it up with cigars or anything else he might like. Booze, candy, accessories, you name it.

personalized cigar box | wooden cigar box

What Are You Getting the Groom?

There are so many great gift ideas that’ll bring a tear to any groom’s eye.

If you’re looking to get the groom a gift that he will remember and cherish forever, consider some of our great men’s accessories and products.  From personalized wallets to whiskey decanters, explore gifts that make a statement.


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