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Best Man Gifts Ideas To Show Your Boy Some Love

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Best Man Gifts Ideas To Show Your Boy Some Love

Once you’ve taken care of the most critical wedding planning steps, it’s time to knock out another task of the utmost importance: best man gifts. That’s right. Don’t even think about not getting the best man a gift (and remember your groomsmen gifts, too).

You didn’t bestow this highest honor among men upon him for nothing. He’s the guy who’s always been there for you. He’s the person who’s always had your back, which is why you want to get a gift for your best man that will show him how much he means to you on your big day.


This gift is your chance to thank your best man for all he does, not just in helping you plan your wedding day, but also in every aspect of life. You can't do this last-minute, and ideally, your groomsmen gifts should be squared away well in advance, too. 

To help you show your boy some love and get him a gift he’ll cherish for years to come, we’ve put together a list of best man gifts that are sure to be a hit.

Our Top Best Man Gift Ideas

Personalized Best Man Gifts: Whiskey Decanter Set

A personalized whiskey decanter set tops our list of best man wedding gifts. A high quality set of glassware will look great wherever he decides to put it, and he’ll be able to display it proudly in his home for years to come.

What makes the whiskey decanter set such an awesome present is that you can customize it with his name. Not only will he love seeing his name on this stylish set, but he’ll also think of you whenever he goes to pour himself a glass.

There’s no better, more practical present for your whiskey-loving best man, a visible reminder of the (drunken) connection you share. 

Runner Up: Personalized Whiskey Glasses or Shot Glasses

Unique Best Man Gifts: Watches

A handsome watch is an excellent way to tell your best man how much you appreciate him. We recommend a classic stainless watch. He can wear it every day (and look fantastic doing it), you can personalize it with a message of your choice.

Brown belt standard watch | personalized watch with  name engraved on belts

If you want to let your best man know how special he is without having an awkwardly romantic conversation, putting a message on his watch is a great way to immortalize your friendship.    

You can always engrave a funny memory or quote (something you’ve shared throughout your journey) if the idea of etching your thoughts on the watch is a bit much for you.

If you’re unsure about what style of watch will go with your wedding party attire, our swanky style guide has all the info you need.

Runner Up: Personalized Pocket Watch with his monogram

Fun Best Man Gifts: Beer Cap Map

Is your best man a beer lover? Get him a beer cap map that will make for a prime piece of décor in his man-cave.

Beer Cap Map | Map of USA

Besides being a fun and lighthearted present, the beer cap map will also give his drinking some purpose. The next time you’re out having a few beers, pay attention to which ones have the coolest caps so he can add them to his collection.

If you opt for this gift, we also recommend gifting him a six-pack of his favorite craft beer to start his collection. You can also get him a bottle opener to complete the gift set. 

Runner Up: A Personalized Growler or Beer Mug

Practical Best Man Presents: Insulated Tumbler

An insulated tumbler is the gift every man needs in his life. If you don’t have a way to keep your beverages hot (or cold) for hours on end, are you really living your best life?   

Insulated Tumbler | Outdoor grill

We think not, especially if your best man is an outdoorsman. There are many great options for outdoor enthusiasts that will make a great addition to his next fishing trip, backpacking excursion, or weekend hike with friends.

Runner Up: New Camp Chair

Everyday Best Men Gifts: Front Pocket Wallet

You can’t go wrong with a slim wallet, perfect for the best man who likes carrying around just the essentials. Traditional money clips are great, but you may want to get him one that can hold credit cards as well for maximum utility.

leather journal with pockets | Front pocket wallet

Having it personalized will make this everyday item even more special, so we recommend getting one custom made. 

Runner Up: A more classic Personalized Wallet

For Your Coffee-Loving Best Man: Copper French Press

Does your best man go crazy for a good cup of Joe? Is his Starbucks habit a little out of control?

copper french press | Coffee jars and containers

Invest in a copper French press that will make a stylish addition to his kitchen and curb his spending habits. He probably won’t go back to Starbucks once he’s used to the French press. Bonus points if you get him a bag of his favorite roast, already ground, to go with it.

Runner Up: Coffee Mug Gift Set with a bag of his favorite brew

For Your Music-Loving Best Man: Bluetooth Speaker

We get that the whole “phone in a glass” trick is useful in a pinch, but it’s not a long-term solution to speaker problems. If your best boy is still faithful to this hack, seize the opportunity to gift him a grown-up speaker.

We’re talking something Bluetooth, portable, and water resistant if possible so that he can enjoy his summer pool hangs without fear of getting the speaker wet. It should also be portable (who wants to lug around a huge speaker?) and durable.

music systems, bluetooth, Fm, radio | sound systems

There are a lot of great mid-range speakers that won’t break the bank, so do your best man a favor and save him from having to use the speaker in a glass trick ever again.   

Runner Up: Bluetooth Headphones

For the Best Man on the Go: Dopp Kit

If your best man is still storing his shampoo and conditioner in a Ziploc bag, consider getting him a stylish toiletry bag to stash his supplies in when he hits the road.

With all the different styles—flat, hanging, expandable—it’s easy to go crazy looking for the perfect one. Our recommendation? Keep it simple—the bag doesn’t need to have a ton of bells and whistles.

tool box | Personalized tool box | Toiletry Bag

Choose one with just a main compartment and an internal mesh storage pocket. He can throw all his stuff in and be ready to go in a flash.

Trust us, his suitcase—and significant other—will thank you.

Runner Up: A Weekender Bag

Simple Best Man Gift Ideas: Personalized Key Ring

A key ring is one of those classic best man gifts from the groom and with good reason. It’s low profile, practical, and you can put his name on it for a more personal touch. Plus, it’s a welcome upgrade from that tatty key chain he’s still carrying around from college.

leather belts with engraved name | leather bands | keyrings

Pro Tip: A personalized key ring makes a fantastic wedding favor your guests or bridal party are sure to use. They make good groomsmen gifts, too.

Runner Up: Personalized Journal

Kitchen Gifts for the Best Man: Cast Iron Skillet

Is your best friend handy in the kitchen? Get him the holy grail of kitchen products, a cast iron skillet that’s a must in any adult male’s kitchen arsenal. 

He’ll be able to make all his favorite dishes in this naturally non-stick pan that’ll last him for years to come. Just make sure he knows, though this item is designed to withstand the test of time, cast iron skillets require special care

Runner Up: If you want to go really big, get him a new grill for the yard

Best Men Wedding Gifts for Nomads: Passport Holder

Every grown man should have a passport holder to keep this super important document safe wherever he goes. That’s why the travel-minded best man will appreciate a passport holder the next time he takes off on a trip.

Passport Holder | leather passport holder

Look for something that has RFID-blocking technology to keep his personal information safe. You’ll also want to make sure that the passport holder has pockets for other items he’ll need to keep handy, such as cash, credit cards, and boarding passes.     

Runner Up: A Map with Pins to mark all the places he goes

Which of These Best Man Gift Ideas Did You Like Best?

If you’re still not sure, we’ve got lots of cool and useful gifts you can get your best man.

We recommend taking your time to pick something you know your best man will love because, after all, he’s your right-hand guy. There’s nothing like a personalized gift to show him what your friendship means to you.

For best man gifts that he will love and use forever, Swanky Badger makes things with real heart. From personalized journals to whiskey decanters, we make gifts that make a statement.


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