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Giving Back

Our Children’s Hospitals do the most amazing work, saving thousands of kids’ lives every single day. But they are under-funded and rely heavily on donations to be able to provide the care they do. 

At Swanky Badger, we want to help them save the lives of as many kids as possible, so we are committed to donating a portion of every sale to Children’s Hospitals all over the US.

Two days before my first son, Aaron, was born, I quit my job to work full-time on Swanky Badger. My one goal for my company was to be able to provide for my growing family.

Aaron’s birth didn’t go as expected. He needed a life-saving surgery within hours of entering the world, and spent the next week hooked up to an ECMO machine, which pumped and oxygenated his blood outside of his body, allowing his little heart and lungs to recover. Being able to finally hold him, at a week old, was the best feeling of my life.

We spent weeks at the NICU, watching helplessly on, as our little guy battled through. 

The medical staff were amazing, and we were extremely fortunate that he survived, and was able to come home in a matter of weeks. 

But our NICU experience didn’t end there. Our third son, Harrison, was born 4 months ago. The birth went great, and we took him home within a couple of days. But, later that week something seemed off. My wife took him to the ER immediately, and the next day he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. 

We were terrified, thinking we had already used up all of our luck but, thankfully, we caught it early enough that he just needed to stay at the NICU to see out his antibiotics, and was sent home three weeks later with a clean bill of health.

Not every family gets as lucky as we did, and not every child gets the kind of help that Aaron & Harrison did. 

I now realize that Swanky Badger isn't just for me and my family. We have a platform that gives us the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. Our goal is to donate over $100,000 to Children’s Hospitals in 2023, so that more kids can have a fighting chance. 

Together we can make a huge difference. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Mark (Dad of three, & Founder of Swanky Badger)

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