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Natural Soap Starter Bundle


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Set of our 6 best-selling Swanky Badger Natural Soaps + Soap Saver Dish & Travel Soap Box. 

Our cold process soaps use natural ingredients to create the most nourishing, enriching, cleansing bars. Cruelty free, non-GMO, and handmade in the USA. Presented in our kraft Swanky Badger gift box.

This bundle also includes 1 x Swanky Badger Soap Saver Dish, and 1 x Travel Soap Box. Take your favorite Swanky scents with you, wherever you go!

This set of 6 soaps includes:

- 1 x Citrus IPA : Our top unisex choice! Refreshing light scrub with Oatmeal and a strong citrus scent.

- 1 x Lumber Scrub (Exfoliating Bar) : A must try! Manly, woodsy, exfoliating bar, with natural pumice.

- 1 x Northern Pine : The Great Outdoors in bar form. Beautiful pine scent featuring aspen bark and walnut hull.

- 1 x Morning Brew : The best morning soap! Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

 - 1 x Coral Reef (Exfoliating Bar) Ultra refreshing! Menthol based exfoliating scrub with salt and natural pumice.

- 1 x Fresh Eucalyptus : Another unisex favorite! Eucalyptus with spicy notes, peppered with poppy seeds.

5oz Bars. Suitable for all skin types.