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Your wedding budget may not allow for you to spring for a collection of watches for your Groomsmen, but there are some cost effective options, and if you are able to make that stretch, they’re pretty much the best gift you can give.

They can be used every day, they always provide a conversation piece, and they’re the perfect item to keep you and your significant brothers connected over time. Here’s a simple guide to matching up some of our most popular styles with your wedding get-up.


Wedding Themes: Vintage, Classic, Modern, Rustic Chic
Notes: The beauty of our Classic Collection is that it provides a timeless look, so it’s a very flexible timepiece, fitting just as comfortably within a Vintage theme as it does in a Modern wedding. It’s clean, crisp, and enhances the rest of your outfit rather than distracting from it. 
Wear with… anything but beach attire.  
Price: From $79.99 (Browse Here)
a group of boys wearing same dress | men’s watch with a message written on belt


Wedding Themes: Beach, Bohemian, Rustic, Casual
Notes: This style is perfect for those going down a slightly more casual road with their wedding. They provide a touch of class within a more rustic feel. They’re super-unique so expect them to provide a talking point on the day, particularly if you’re going sleeves-up.
Wear with… Beach attire, rolled-up sleeves, bow ties & braces...
Price: From $59.99(Browse Here)
men’s wearing white shirt | a group of youngsters | a pair of watches


Wedding Themes: Modern, Classic, Trendy
Notes: Our most popular watch, and for good reason. The sandalwood and black leather combo allow you to bounce seamlessly between casual and formal attire. It's unique look and crossover appeal makes it a hit 100% of the time with wedding parties.
Wear with… A Swanky 3 Piece Suit 
Price: From $59.99(Browse Here)
gentleman wearing personalized watch | set of wooden watches


Wedding Themes: Formal, Vintage
Notes: This is one you’ll ether fall in love with or run a million miles from. It takes a certain kind of guy to pull off a pocket watch. With a formal wedding, these coated stainless steel pieces can really enhance a tux or morning jacket. They can look equally at home in a vintage setting, complementing a nice pair of braces and bow-tie.
Wear with Tux, Morning Jacket, or Classy Vintage
Price: $28.99(Browse Here)
a group of men’s |  a gentleman wearing a cap


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