4 Tips for the Ultimate Bachelor Party

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4 Tips for the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Ahhh, the bachelor party. The best thing about getting marr… i mean, the most exciting part of the wedding build-up. 👀

A weekend filled with ridiculous amounts of alcohol and outrageous activities. One last hurrah for the boys. Ohhhhhh yeaahhhhh!

While bachelor parties are a guaranteed good time, they don’t just happen. Someone, somewhere has to spend a good amount of time making sure it all goes off without a hitch.

Whether you are helping plan your own, or passing off the responsibility to your significant brothers, here are a few considerations to ensure you have the most epic farewell party possible.



I got 99 problems and Steve being f**king broke is always one. Before you start planning your bachelor party, figure out what your budget needs to be to make it work for everyone. You hanging with ballers? Awesome, 6 cases of Dom Perignon, garcon. But if you have to cater for the Steves of this world (we all do) you need to factor that in. The secret is to plan for something just a little more pricy than the most broke guy can stretch to. He’ll make it work.  



Timing is another key consideration of bachelor party planning. Will this be a weekend thing? Would a central destination work best? If there are a lot of out-of-state groomsmen, perhaps something right before the wedding would be ideal. (**Implement a no-eyebrow-shaving rule**). Although it’s very likely that not everyone will be able to attend, you still want to pick a time that accommodates most of the group. Even Steve. Otherwise you can end up with just 3 drunk, pervy dudes wandering around a shady strip club...like every other Saturday.



Who doesn’t love activities? This is where the groom really gets to flex some muscle. What’s that one crazy thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never found the right time? Bungee-jumping, quad-biking, deep-sea fishing, wearing your wife’s underwear without anyone knowing. We’re all different! Point is, this is your one chance to call the shots and have nobody tell you otherwise. Pick something you thought you’d never get around to. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Well, statistically speaking there’s a 30% chance you’ll get married again, but we’ll leave that for another time. 💁



We’ve all been to those bachelor parties where there was no clear plan. Everyone shows up, drinks like a fish for 12 hours, and wakes up on the floor, to the smell of another guy’s feet. Weekend over. This is why it’s important to ensure that there’s some kind of structure to proceedings. Assume sore heads for the next morning, but make sure to have some kind of activity planned, so you’re not left with 12 hungover d-bags flaking on couches for the afternoon. If they need to opt-out, totally cool. But god-damn, let’s keep this party rolling…

That’s pretty much the bones of it. Nail down 1-4 above and you’ve got yourself the Bro-Bash of a lifetime. Enjoy fellas!


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