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Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

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Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

It’s the beginning of your relationship—you’ve just started dating someone new. It’s official, and you’ve been swept up in the bliss and happiness that a new relationship invokes. You look forward to every phone call, every text, and every kiss.

And then it hits you: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a question pops into your head: What do you get your new boyfriend for your first Valentine’s Day together?

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, romance, and all things pink and red. That part is easy enough. But, when you have just started dating someone, it can be tough to figure out what unique gift to get them.

You can’t skip getting him anything; that would simply be unacceptable. However, a big over-the-top gift might scare him off and lead him to believe you’re in way too deep, way too fast. As much as you don’t want to freak him out, you also want him to see how much you care.  

We get it - it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone new. That’s why we’re here to help.



Getting Unique and Creative for Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is thesecond most celebrated holiday around the globe? It comes second only to New Year’s Day, so love it or hate it, chances are you’ll probably end up celebrating it at one point or another.

While women generally buy the most Valentine’s Day gifts, men seem to have it easier. About three-quarters of men will buy flowers on Valentine’s Day - and what makes a girl happier than receiving flowers from her man?

Men definitely have the simple solution here. Flowers are great whether you’re in a new relationship or several years into a marriage—so what are you supposed to get for guys in the early stages?

Here are some ideas.

Personalized Wallet

If he’s a guy, chances are he hasn’t bought himself a new wallet since the first one he ever got—which was probably purchased by his mother. Not only is this gift functional and practical, but you get to add a personal touch with an engraved message inside.

Brown leather wallet | Men's wallet

Every time your man opens his wallet, he’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness with a hint of romance. Since the message is customizable, you can write something simple, yet meaningful.

Apersonalized leather wallet is a simple gift that will be appreciated and well-used, even in a new relationship.

A Memory Journal

Nothing says “a future with me” more than a journal or scrapbook to store your memories. Give him a simple book to put ticket stubs, photos, and write short personal notes. The two of you are at the beginning—the perfect place to start tracking the highlights of your relationship. Start the first page with your first date and go from there.

memorial journal | Scrap book | leather journal

While this gift is simple and easy, it shows your new boyfriend that you’re not afraid of taking the next steps with him, whenever they may fall. In fact, it tells him you’re looking forward to the future and want to remember every moment together.

Personalized Wooden Watch

There something about carved wood that’s simple and rustic, yet stylish. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy, name-brand watch and potentially scaring your new boyfriend away on Valentine’s Day, go with a sleek wooden watch.

Dark brown wooden watch | personalized bamboo watches from swanky badger

A  personalized wristwatch won’t break the  bank, and you can keep the engraving to simple initials or a meaningful message—whichever seems most appropriate for your relationship.

Dry Rub Sampler

Does your man like to cook? Does he claim to be the master of the grill or a full-blown carnivore? Buy him a dry rub sampler! These kits include several different kinds of rubs for steak, pork, and chicken.

Dry Rub Sampler

Everyone loves a food gift, and your personal chef boyfriend will love to experiment with new, tasty seasonings. If you’re lucky, he might even treat you to a nice meal using them!

Casual, yet delicious: you can’t go wrong here.


Some guys out there seriously love a good board or card game. Get back to basics and get your new boyfriend a game the two of you can play together. Games are fun, inexpensive gifts that give you just one more reason to spend time together.

Games | playing cards

Besides, everyone needs a game collection. Help him start his own.Maybe someday the two of you will share your collection and host game nights!

Sports Apparel

There are very few men in this world who don’t love sports. If your new boyfriend is a sports fanatic, you’ll likely know within the first week who he roots for. While sports jerseys tend to run a little expensive, there are other collectibles  you can get him.

Look for baseball caps with his favorite team logo. Try posters, playing cards, car magnets, or t-shirts. A pair of socks with his football team’s logo will certainly draw a smile, and he can wear them while he watches the game.

Whiskey Decanter

If your man is a big whiskey drinker, you can’t go wrong with getting him his own decanter. Nothing says sophisticated like a classy glass bottle.

To make the gift even better, you can get your boyfriend’s name, first or last, etched beautifully on the front. Add in a glass or two to complete the set.

whiskey decanters | set of whiskey decanter and glasses

This simple gift shows your boyfriend that you’ve been paying attention; you know what he likes, and it matters to you. This gift is far from over the top but is just enough to make him see the romantic, caring side of you. Plus, he’ll love showing hispersonalized whiskey decanter off the next time he invites his buddies over.

His Favorite Candy

Girls aren’t the only ones who like to get chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Put together a nice basket of his favorite treats. If he loves a certain kind of candy, get him a whole bunch. Or, collect a variety of his favorite snacks.

candies and chocolates | chocolates | candies

If you’re feeling extra creative, match his bouquet of flowers with a bouquet of treats. Arrange candy or snacks into a bouquet and tie it together with a bow. He’ll love your creativity, and he’ll appreciate the effort and giggle at your flower comparison.

Gym Bag

If your boyfriend loves going to the gym,  he’s probably got a pretty beat-up gym bag. Get him a nice, new gym bag that suits his style and needs. You don’t have to break the bank, and you can even fill the bag with other little gifts.

Gym bags | Bags

Consider putting sampler packs of his favorite protein powder inside, along with protein-filled snacks like beef jerky and smoothie mixes. You can also add a new pair of headphones or a couple of sweatbands.

The best part—you don’t even need to wrap the little things.

Movie Night Package

A self-made movie night package is a multi-purpose gift. Get a nice basket and fill it with a couple of your boyfriend’s favorite movies. Add bags of microwave popcorn, classic movie theater snacks, and a cozy blanket.

Your boyfriend can enjoy this gift on his own, but chances are he’ll want to share it with you on a stay-in movie date. The two of you can bond over his favorite movies, which lets you get to know him a little more and naturally takes your new relationship to the next step on Valentine’s Day.

He will love that you noticed what movies he likes, and he’ll doubly love spending time with you.


The Perfect Start to a Brand New Relationship

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful—even if you have a new boyfriend. Don’t let the pressures of the holidays force you to go deeper than your new relationship is ready for.

These unique gift ideas for your new boyfriend are sure to put a smile on his face without taking things to far.

And don’t worry about last-minute shopping. Swanky Badger has tons of personalized gift ideas that can be shipped in as little as four days. Check out your options to get the perfect gift and conquer Valentine’s Day this year.

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