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10 Unique Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot

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10 Unique Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot

Men can have a wide variety of hobbies. Some like to golf, some enjoy beer tasting, and some like to collect specialized trinkets. Many men enjoy traveling and make a hobby out of exploring the world.

On the other hand, some men travel due to their work schedules and business affairs. Certain jobs require a lot of traveling, and gifts for these men can be really helpful and considerate.

Regardless of the reason for their travel, you can use this opportunity to find an awesome gift.

How to Choose a Gift for Men Who Travel for Business or Pleasure

It’s fair to say that tons of people out there love to travel. Many people feel that if you have the time and the money, you should use it to experience a wide range of cultures and exotic locations. Sometimes experiences are more valuable than physical gifts. 


On the other hand, many people have to travel due to their line of work. In fact, in 2017 U.S. travelers took 462 million domestic business trips. This is a number that experts predict will rise by more than 30 million by 2022.

Needless to say, it doesn’t look like the number of people traveling—whether for business or pleasure—is going to be dropping anytime soon. So, why not use this fact to give both practical and thoughtful gifts to the man in your life?

These days, there are travel versions of everything, so pay attention to what’s up and coming in the travel industry. At the same time, it’s important to take these practical travel gifts and put a personal twist on them. Personalization, colors, small details—these are all things you should focus on to make your gift more meaningful.

There’s no better way to learn about the best gifts for men who love to travel than straight-forward examples, so let’s take a look at some great ideas.

Book a Trip

The first and best gift you can give someone who loves to travel is a trip somewhere amazing. Everyone knows that the worst part about traveling or vacations is the planning aspect. Do all the hard work for the man in your life and plan a dream vacation.

Take care of booking hotels, mapping out some site-seeing, and organizing flight information. Try to find a place they’ve never been or somewhere they have always wanted to go. You can make it a fun family vacation and get everyone involved or keep it to a simple romantic getaway.

beach side | Family vacation | vacation planing

World Map Poster

There are tons of world map posters that come in various forms. Your traveler will love these because they can track where they have been throughout their various adventures.

Some of these maps are scratch off. When you visit a state or a country, you can scratch off the surface to reveal the map beneath. Other maps use push pins or stickers to mark the locations that your man has traveled to.

This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to explore the world. It lets them track and reminisce on previous vacations and trips while looking forward to marking future travels and displaying them on their wall. 

world map poster | world map

Personalized Pocket Journal

Lots of travelers like to keep track of their journeys and adventures through written word. A personalized pocket journal is a perfect gift for the traveler and the writer. Not only is this journal customizable with a place to engrave initials on the front, but it is made from soft leather that gives it a nice look and feel.

Additionally, the inside holds two card pockets, cash pockets, and closes with a button clasp to keep everything secure during travel.

The man in your life will love to look back on his thoughts and stories throughout his journeys, remembering all the big moments and sharing them with his loved ones. He can even paste pictures to the pages so he can keep track of every detail.

personalized pocket journal

Photo Album

Photo albums are a great way to keep a visual record of all the trips your traveler takes. With a photo album, they can print and save all of the pictures they’ve taken at all the incredible places they have visited.

Anytime they want to relive the beautiful adventures they have been on, they can pull out their customized photo album. They can also show it to their children, friends, and family, rather than keeping the pictures on their phone where no one can enjoy them.

personalized photo album | photo album with wooden front cover

Travel Neck Pillow

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you know how uncomfortable it can be. A long flight can leave your back sore and your neck aching. Travel neck pillows are an excellent solution for frequent flyers who know the pains of flying.

Surprise a guy with a cozy, supportive travel neck pillow, and he’ll be thanking you from his first flight with it. These pillows are especially great for when you get stuck in the middle seat on the plane.

Travel Neck Pillow

Universal Travel Power Adapter

Anyone who has traveled to a different country knows that power outlets are never the same. Frequent travel requires the use of a travel power adapter. While these items are important, they can often be overlooked rather than being at the forefront of someone’s mind right before a big trip.

To make this gift even better, look for a universal power adapter that functions in multiple areas of the world while also including USB ports for phone chargers.

Travelers, especially business travelers, know how important it is to have access to outlet power and phone chargers. They’ll appreciate that you thought of something that is so vital to travel.

Universal Travel Power Adapter | power adapter

Personalized Wallet

Wallets are extremely important to men. It seems that they are always carrying them, and they hold such important information and tools in a man’s life. You can take this item to the next level by getting them a personalized leather wallet.

A traveling man needs a solid, reliable wallet to last through his various ventures. At the same time, he’ll always think of you when he sees the personalized engraving that you thoughtfully had completed for him.

A reminder and an excellent tool, you can’t go wrong with this fine, sentimental gift.

personalized wallet

Passport and Credit Card Travel Holder

When you’re traveling, it’s not just convenient, but essential to keep all of your important information and travel paperwork together in one place. Traveling requires smart packing and strategic thinking. You have a limited amount of space to hold everything that you need and want to take along with you.

A travel holder lets you keep the important things together: your passport, your credit cards, your I.D.s, your plane tickets, etc. Rather than digging through backpacks or suitcases, the man in your life can keep everything they need on hand at all times.

Many of these holders even have spaces to keep your phone and feature a convenient wrist loop. These holders are like intensified wallets that make traveling easier. Additionally, you can look for your man’s favorite color or style.

Passport and Credit Card Travel Holder | Passport holder

Toiletry Bag

It may not sound like the most exciting gift in the world, but it’s important that a frequent traveler has something reliable to carry all of their bathroom and shower necessities.

There’s no avoiding it: you need to pack things like your toothbrush, razor, shampoos, soap, and more. A traveling man will use these items every day. Not only can you get him a reliable bag to fit everything at once, but you can make sure it's stylish and suits his personality.

Go for a leather design. This classic look is great for any guy. The design is simple yet sheik. The man in your life won’t be embarrassed to pull a leather toiletry bag out of his suitcase. It will also make airport security easier.

If leather isn’t your man’s style, there are several other options you can find.

Travel Duffel Bag

Everyone who travels has their own set of luggage—that’s just unavoidable. However, a frequent traveler can always benefit from a new duffle bag. Duffle bags are great to use as carryon bags for plane trips. Since you’re always carrying them around, they tend to get beat up and worn out.

For that reason, you can never go wrong getting your traveling man a new duffle bag. Take this opportunity to really match his style. You might even be able to find a duffle bag that coordinates well with his luggage.

Look for something sturdy and reliable with plenty of pockets. If you get one that’s within carryon regulations, that even better.

Travel Duffel Bag | Travel bag

Picking Out the Traveler’s Gift

If you have a man in your life who is constantly on the move—whether he’s your husband, your brother, or your father—you can easily find him the perfect gift for any occasion. With plenty of gadgets and tools out there designed to make traveling fun and easy, you can make the traveler you love one happy guy.

Check out some of the gifts we’ve suggested to find the perfect idea. Remember that if you’re looking for customizable gifts and quick shipping, you can always check out Swanky Badger for great products. 



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