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Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: 10 Things He Won’t Expect

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Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: 10 Things He Won’t Expect

Some people are easy to shop for. You get them a gift card, a tie, or a nice shirt and they’re good to go. What about the best gifts for men who have everything? You know; those guys who have a pile of unused gifts they’ll never open?

Your goal is to avoid that pile, and we know exactly how to make that happen. Getting a personalized, awesome gift for the man who has everything is the ultimate way to show you went the extra mile and got him something he will love.

The Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

If you’re struggling for great gift ideas, getting a gift personalized adds that special touch. It shows your man that you cared enough to think through your gift idea and every time he looks at it, he’ll remember how thoughtful it was.

Whiskey Decanter Set

We all know the best liquor is the one served in a custom-made decanter. For men who have everything, personalizing a whiskey decanter set can be the best gift they’ve ever received.

Go for liquor decanters that are heavy and durable, so they won't crack if they fall over, and that come with a tight glass stopper to seal in the freshness. On the front of the bottle, you can put your man's name and birth year, and you can include a personalized message on the back. These are likely to become the center of their home bar.

The only way you could make this any better is to include a top-shelf bourbon along with it.

Leather Pocket Journal

Is the man you’re painstakingly shopping for a writer, notetaker or frequent traveler? If he is, get him, a personalized leather journal so he can take your message everywhere he goes. You can include his initials on the front and a custom message on the inside..

Leather pocket journal | Leather journal

For the man who has everything, sometimes it's the little things that matter and a high-quality leather journal will make him feel the love. Inside there is plenty of storage for business cards and cash plus he doesn’t have to discard it when he runs out of paper, he can get refills and start all over again.

Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Maybe you’re shopping for a guy who says he wants nothing at all. When you ask him what he wants, and he replies, “You don’t have to get me anything,” you probably want to rip your hair out.

He may say he wants nothing, but he may have never received a real gift that meant something. Some men appreciate gifts with a bit more flare so if you want something that is really going to make his eyes pop out of his head, we have options for that as well.

For the Old-School Husband Who Has Everything: The Wooden Watch

wooden wristwatch will amaze your husband when he opens it up. Most men don’t even realize this type of craftsmanship is possible, but the watch is durable and long-lasting. It’s made from real bamboo and genuine leather so he will feel the authenticity and perfection when it wears it for the first time.

wooden watch with initials at back

Not to mention the fact that you can custom engrave his initials and a personalized message on the back. Not only will  you get him a super cool unique gift, but you customize it and add a personal touch. These watches also make the perfect gift for friends, sons, and fathers.

For The Dad Who Has Everything: The Glass Flask

Chances are, your dad already has a flask if he has everything but, he most likely doesn’t have a glass flask. You can customize this one with his name on the front.

glass flask for whiskey | glass flask

If your dad is a collector of liquor-related memorabilia and he doesn’t have a glass flask, this may be an excellent choice for him. You can step it up by including a full bottle to help him break it in (highly recommended).

You can also think about some other items, like a unique bottle opener for use in his man cave only or a stainless steel or wooden six-pack holder for the environmentally-conscious man. 

Birthday Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

We’ve said, and we’ll repeat it, the definitive way to win over the man who has everything is to get him something custom, to meet his refined tastes .

Birthday gifts have become so watered down, that people often end up throwing cash or a gift card in an envelope and leaving it on a table somewhere.

This year, get the man in your life something he will hold onto and remember. Whether it’s for a boyfriend, husband, father or any important guy in your life; a gift can say a lot about your relationship.

For the Boyfriend Who Has Everything: The Personalized Phone Case

If your boyfriend has a habit of dropping his phone and cracking his screen even with a case, why not get him a case that covers the screen as well. Consider a personalized leather iphone case that protects the front and back of his phone. You can even get one customized with a special message.

flip cover for iphone with a message inside | brown leather flip cover for iphone

On the front, you can include his initials, and you can engrave a personal message on the inside so he will see it and think of you every time he goes on his phone (which is probably a lot).

Birthday Gift for Dad: The Classic Watch

You want to make a statement this year and get your father something he will truly appreciate. Nothing says “I love you” more than a high quality customized wristwatch, it is something he looks at all the time, and he will be showing it off to everyone he knows.

classic watch with a message on belts | watch with leather belts

For a timeless, classic accessory he can wear with anything, give him a wristwatch made from rose gold with a genuine leather strap.

Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

What if the guy you are buying for already has all of these things and you are still completely stumped? Maybe he isn’t impressed by these kinds of gifts, and he would much prefer something more personal.

Give Him an Experience

It’s one thing to go to the store or online and buy him another physical item; it's another thing to give him something he can physicallydo. Experiences are cool gifts that most men appreciate getting as a gift because they can create memories. Depending on what you give, you may even be able to experience it with him.

gift idea for man who like hiking and camping

Think about his interests when you are making this choice because you do not want to send him somewhere he’ll hate. Maybe he’s an outdoorsman who loves hiking and camping; you could rent out a campsite and take a trip with the boys.

Perhaps he’s always wanted to go skydiving but could never pull the trigger, so you could purchase the tickets for him and not even tell him where you are going until you get there. We’re entirely sure he’ll love that (maybe).

Subscription Boxes Curated for His Interests

Okay, we’re almost 100% sure this option will work because there is no way he could have every subscription box. There are so many choices that appeal to every different type of person, so this is an excellent gift for the man who has everything. Plus, you could buy him a membership and pay for six months in advance, so it's like getting him a gift for six months which is a significant win on your part.

There are subscription boxes for shaving gear, gaming devices and accessories, sports memorabilia, fishing accessories, and even hardcore survivalist supplies. If you think you’ve run out of options, see if there is a box for the guy you’re shopping for.

Mens soap subscription box

One option is to clean up his shower game with a monthly all natural soap subscription box. You're probably buying his toiletries for him anyway, so why not make it easier on yourself and set him up with a custom box of six deliciously manly scents - that also happen to be made in the USA, free of harsh chemicals, and cruelty-free! 

If you're not ready to commit you can opt for a free trial, which includes a sample set of best-selling scents to try out. 

Make Him Something

Are you handy with a hammer and some nails? Maybe you enjoy painting, knitting, or even pottery. Use your hobbies to your advantage and make him something that shows that you went out of your way to create something that is indeed one of a kind.

Handmade gifts are an old fashioned callback to quality you just can't buy in-stores. When he opens up your gift, he will see it as much more than a present; it will be something that you created with your own two hands.

handmade gifts | decorated bottles and jars

If he has everything, you might be struggling to think about what to make so think of his hobbies and what he likes to do. If you knit and he loves cars, you could make him something to hang on his mirror or maybe some kind of seat cover.

If he’s a big family man, you might be able to knit pictures of his children into a blanket. Of course, we don’t know your exact situation, but hopefully, this helps get the juices flowing.

Of course, you can make AND buy him something. For example, if he's a spicy guy you can put together a gift set of some unique hot sauces so he can try them all. 

Give Him a Genealogy Report

If a customized gift is out of the question and he doesn’t like to travel much, you could help him learn more about his family history. We find that most people enjoy learning about their genealogy, but they don’t know how to get started.


You could get the ball rolling for him by purchasing a report and subtly gathering all the information you need to complete the registration.

Make sure you do this way ahead of time because it may take a long time to get the results back and you want to have everything ready to give him when it's time. A Genealogy report is a way outside the box gift idea, and it's definitely something that most men won’t have.

The Man Who Has Everything Doesn’t Have This

Finding the perfect gift for the man who has everything is never easy to do. There are so many different occasions to cater to and not every man in your life wants the same thing. If you’re looking for a unique gift option he’s sure not to have, check out our great collection of customizable men’s accessories.

From customizable flasks to wooden watches, you’re sure to find something that isn’t already packed away in the back of a closet somewhere.

Swanky Badger is the best place to find everything for those hard-to-shop-for guys in your life. Whether you're looking for the perfect Father's Day gifts or something to give each of your groomsmen, we've got you covered.



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