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Man-Gifting 101 : Things You Need to Know

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Man-Gifting 101 : Things You Need to Know

FACT: Men are extremely simple creatures, yet they can be incredibly difficult to shop for. 

So we’re here with some simple tips to help you pick out the perfect man-gift for any occasion. 

Here at Swanky Badger we only make gifts that fall into TWO categories. Why just two? Because men are simple. And once you know this, they become simple to shop for too. They only like two kinds of things; 


1 - Stuff they use ALL the time. 

This is the most obvious category, yet often the most overlooked. And it’s actually a really easy process to figure out what your man needs the most;

Simply observe him over the course of a couple of days and take note of everything that he wears, everything he carries on a daily basis and, most importantly, what you think he may to upgrade.

That’s exactly how we decide on what we sell. Does he carry a wallet? Phone case? Does he wear a watch? Carry a pocket knife? All great items to upgrade for him. Look at what he wears every day. Is he a hat guy? Is he into fancy boxers, t-shirts, sneakers? 

These gifts may not give you the tingles but, trust me, a simple man likes to keep things simple, and he’ll appreciate everyday gear more than you could ever imagine!

And before you ask, “how do I know that he’ll like it more than what he already has?” You personalize it! Uplevel that shoddy old wallet. Add a message that gives him a daily reminder of how much he's loved. It’s a guaranteed home run.



2 - Fancy stuff to keep at the house.

The second category may come as a little more of a surprise but, trust me, it’s a guaranteed winner. What you might not know about the average man is that, while he may look a little rugged and rusty on the outside, he still likes to have nice “things”.

Things that, when friends come over, he’ll conveniently have lying around so he can show them off. Or just things that allow him to feel like he’s spoiling himself every once in a while. After all, this is where the concept of the man-cave came from. A place where a guy can keep all his “things”. 

So let’s talk about things. Things we have found to fit really nicely into this category are our personalized Whiskey Decanters and Glasses, and our personalized Cigar Boxes. Things that make a man really feel like a man. Just take note of what he loves to do in his spare time, what he likes to surround himself with, and think about how you can add to that collection. 

Your Next Step?

Once you’ve decided on the category and item you want to go with, the next step is to come up with the perfect personalized message to be engraved on it. If you’ve already got that down, awesome, you canstart shopping here.

If you haven’t, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a whole blog post about how to do that,right here.


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